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Keeping the value and the appearance of the motorcycle is
very important for any bike owner. Road and weather conditions specially in
Egypt can wreak havoc on any motorbike’s paint and chrome finish, regardless of
the model. That is why having protection on your motorcycle is essential.
Motorsports hub is now offering in its service center detailing
& nano ceramic coating.

Nano-ceramic coatings are liquids
that bonds with your motorcycle surface to form a barrier that protects your
motorcycle and make it glossier. Keeping the appearance and paint on your bike
is a hassle. But with ceramic coating it has become easier as it’s a
method. Traditional methods like waxing using polish and cloth provide a
temporary effect. By using a ceramic coating, the finish of your motorcycle is
protected for a longer period of time.

highly qualified specialists can restore the appearance of your bike as well as
safeguard it from further harm. You don’t have to buy a new motorcycle to feel
that you are riding on new Wheels.

Ceramic coating protects your motorcycle from:

  • Weather & UV Resistance 
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Thermal resistance
  • Minor Scratch Resistance (9H)
  • High Gloss Effect
  •  Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant 

Advantages of detailing & Ceramic coating:

  • Preserve your bike’s appearance
  • Maintain your bike’s value
  • Catch Problems Early
  • Coating durable up to 3 years 
  • Improves shine & Surface clarity 

The procedure of detailing & Ceramic coating:

  1. Pre-wash
  2. Wheel Cleaner
  3. Dash and controls
  4. Engine Cleaning
  5. Nano coating 
  6. Drying

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